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Why do other agents charge 6% and you are only charging 1% plus $495?

That is a GREAT question!

In the 1940s and ’50s, the NAR, (National Association of Realtors,) required its members to set commissions at a certain level. They also required its members to either work full time or have enough customers to earn a living as a Realtor to become members. In 1950, the Supreme Court ruled that requiring certain rates were illegal. After that it became a “suggested” rate, some sources say.

How the magic number came to be 6%, however, no one seems to know.

Will I receive less services from AAR, than I would from other realtors?

The short answer, (if you are a seller,) is absolutely not! We provide all of the same resources from marketing your home, advertising, working with lenders, drawing up paperwork, organizing inspections, consulting and more!

How can you sell our home for so much less than other realtors?

Well, one of the reasons is we aren’t focusing our attention to finding homes for buyers. We specialize in the SELLING process. For most Realtors, much of their time and resources go into finding the perfect home for their customers. Plus, we have a team of individuals handling paperwork, marketing, organizing home inspections, staging, etc., so George can do what he does best which is SELLING YOUR HOME!

Will our home be on the same listings as everyone else’s home?

Yes, indeed it will. We also work with all other real estate agents who are interested in getting involved with our program. Even if the buyer already has an agent, often times we can negotiate a great rate from the buying agent and get them to agree to terms to make the sell. In some cases, even if the buyer is dead set on purchasing your home, but their own agent insists on 3% commission, you are still saving 2.5% commission on the purchase. Which, could still be saving you thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars depending on the selling price of your home.

Are you a Discount Broker?

NO! I AM A FULL SERVICE REAL ESTATE BROKER  who just charges less for my services. It’s plain and simple folks, I do the same thing that any other broker does but I do it for less. If you could pay less and the same exact product or service why would you pay more?